Sameer Petro, Director of Ithraa, is a coach, father, and philanthropist


Journey of Sameer building and leading Ithraa in Amman, Jordan. I’ll finish telling this story as soon as I have a chance to sit down and type it up. Hope you look forward to reading it! For now here is some info on Ithraa taken from their website.


Relational enrichment means to discover, release, and grow. At Ithraa Coaching Center, our mission is to help you to:

  • Discover yourself
  • Release potential in relationships
  • Grow together and experience care.

If you feel you already have healthy, intimate relationships, we will help you get more from them. If you feel you are getting stuck in your relationships and don’t know how to get back on track, we will help you find your way to healing and new growth.

Ithraa Coaching Center helps you to make smart investments in your relationships. If you only have $500 in the bank, you can’t expect to take $2000 out. We help parents, spouses, friends, teachers, and business professionals how to make deposits into their relationships in ways that satisfy core relational needs and return the greatest relational dividends.

Personal and relational growth can only happen in a safe and friendly environment. Visit us and begin to experience the love and care of our coaching center. We would love to help you find a training course that will meet your relational goals.


We desire that every member of Jordanian society would experience enriching and fulfilling personal relationships. We achieve this by providing individuals, families, and institutions with proactive relational training and coaching.


All relationships have the potential for growth- for greater closeness and deeper knowing of one another- but we don’t always know how to unlock this potential.

We invite you to come and experience the relational principles that will help you to:

  • Know yourself better;
  • Know and understand others more intimately;
  • Care more effectively for others; and
  • Experience greater satisfaction and success both at home and in your workplace.

We also know that we can’t just grow ourselves by ourselves, or by just reading or knowing more. We believe that relational skills and understanding come with practice and experience, and at Ithraa, we provide a safe a caring community for this to happen.

We provide a wide array of training courses – all using this core experiential approach – designed to accommodate individual, family, and organizational needs. Learn More