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Hello everyone, Sameer Petro here, wanted to start off by sharing a little more about myself so everyone can get to know me better.

I also wanted this post to be about me getting to know my audience. I would be delighted and honored if everyone would introduce themselves in the comments below. Just a couple of lines that you would think describe you. It could be anything from your work, interests, and passions to your history or heritage. I’ll go first. Check out the example below.

My name is Sameer Petro, I was born in Jordan, where I lived until I was 20. I then had the opportunity to move to America, where I settled in Austin, Texas for a couple of decades. During my time in Austin, I did many things, including running a grocery store, butcher shop, used car lot, tiling business, and more. I married my wife Mary in 1982 and we had three children, Rosanna, Daniel, and Fadi, all born in Austin.Sameer Petro

So one of the reasons I thought this would be great, is because I believe in engaging and connecting with people. I also, want to put out relevant content, so y’all can enjoy being here and connect.

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