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Hey everyone, Sameer Petro here, bringing you some highlights from this year so you can keep up with me and continue to get to know me better. Let me just start off by saying, 2017 has been great so far, particularly the summer of 2017. As the Director of Ithraa Center, I was able to take a group of our coaches across the pond to the United States. The goal of this trip was to attend some training, and further our skills in coaching and social emotional health.

The most memorable highlight of 2017 so far was our visit to Momentous Institute, hands down. Momentous is an institute based out of Dallas that focus on transforming kids’ lives through a focus on building and repairing social emotional health. I hope by now y’all have already checked out my site and have seen that one of my biggest interests is neuroscience (could you tell from my bookshelf?) Now you can see why this was a highlight for 2017!

So to talk a little bit more about Momentous, one of the coolest things they have done, and continue to do, is teach kids about the brain, in their school. Now listen up folks, I know a lot of you are parents or will be one day, teaching your kids about the brain and social emotional health will set your kids up for success in the future. Momentous has demonstrated how students equipped with these tools can achieve outstanding academic success. So, you’re like “that’s great, but what does that all mean?”. It basically means, that by teaching your children about the brain, self-regulation, problem solving, and understanding of others will will lead to them achieving their full potential. Their students results have proven that long-term success is possible when interventions start early. Just take a look at the data, these statistics and info graphic from Momentous Institute summarize it well.

  • 99 percent of alumni graduated high school on time
  • 86 percent advanced to higher education
  • 87 percent of our college freshmen re-enrolled for their sophomore year

If you scroll back up to the instagram post by Momentous, you will see a picture that tells a cool story. The bottom right picture of the post shows us in the bathroom for the children in the Momentous school. You’re probably thinking, why are you in the children’s bathroom? It’s because the momentous school is so thoughtful that they…

Another awesome exercise they do with the children is give them each a glitter ball that takes 2 minutes for the glitter to settle. When a child’s emotions take over they use the glitter ball to self-regulate and react to something rationally. These two minutes are crucial because it gives the child time to breath and reset. I just want you to take a second and imagine a world where your children communicate with you about something instead of throw a fit.

Stuff like this just gets me excited and gives me hope for the next generation.

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